Session Pricing

Individual services may be booked online or by calling the office. Couples services may only be booked by calling the office at (254)-290-9406 to ensure therapist availability. Available in Couples sessions pricing indicated with (*CP)



TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE: Performed fully clothed on a traditional mat. Relax as your therapist takes you to a state of meditation with yoga based, partner assisted stretching. (Please come dressed in loose, comfortable clothing)  (75 & 90 minutes)

VOLCANIC STONE MASSAGE: A hot stone massage combining deep tissue techniques with the heat and rhythm of warm basalt stones to relax every muscle in your body. (60 - 90 minutes)

WARM BAMBOO MASSAGE: The therapist uses warm, polished bamboo to roll out your muscle tension, pinpoint chronic knots and relax your stress. (60 - 90 minutes)

Single: 60 min- $85   75 min- $100   90 min- $120

Couples: *CP 60- $165   *CP 75- $195   *CP 90- $235






DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning the layers of soft tissue that can become overworked and hold chronic tension. The therapist works with the clients comfort level to ensure the most therapeutic session possible. (30 - 120 minutes)

SWEDISH MASSAGE: A nice relaxing, medium pressure massage great for reducing stress and completing any therapeutic work you will receive. Usually Swedish is a "feel good" massage. It's been proven to lower blood pressure & increase circulation. (30 - 120 minutes)

PRENATAL MASSAGE: Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen (30 - 60 minutes)

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: (MLD) is a type of gentle massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. Especially beneficial post-op or for those who retain fluid easily. (30 -60 minutes)

Single: 30 min- $45   60 min- $75   90 min- $105   120 min- $145

Couples: *CP 30- $85   *CP 60- $145   *CP 90- $205   *CP 120- $295



RESTORE SESSION: A full body massage with an extra 15 minute focus on your problem area and moist heat therapy.      Single: 75 minutes- $90   Couples: *CP 75 minutes- $175

RUNNERS REHAB: Sports massage focusing on legs and feet to keep you moving. Uses compression, sports massage techniques and stretching for the hamstrings, quads, IT bands and plantar fascia. 

30 minutes- $45     60 minutes- $75

THE OFF-SWITCH: A therapeutic massage just for those who are chained to a desk all week. Focuses on the neck, back and shoulders. Uses deep Swedish and trigger point work to ease neck and shoulder tension. Arnica infused cream to reduce inflammation.    30 minutes- $45     60 minutes- $75

AROUND THE WORLD: This 90 / 120 minute massage showcases many types of bodywork from around the world into one smooth and restorative session. Deep tissue, Thai on the table, hot stones and warm bamboo. Includes a foot and scalp massage with your choice of aromatherapy. A special treat!

Single: 90 minutes- $135     120 minutes- $165   Couples: *CP 90 minutes- $265   *CP 120- $325

CRANIAL INDULGENCE: Through a combination of acupressure and lymphatic massage techniques the therapist cleanses, exfoliates, tones and hydrates your skin to it's optimal level. Meanwhile alleviating headaches, allergy and TMJ symptoms. Supplement your service in our 60 minute session with cold marble stone techniques.

30 minutes- $55     60 minutes- $85

THE RETREAT: A 60 minute massage followed by a 30 minute Cranial Indulgence service. You can also switch this up to a 30 minute massage and 60 minute Cranial Indulgence. If booking online, please leave a note in the booking section as to your preference.

Single: 90 minutes - $125   Couples: *CP 90 minutes- $245

THE ESCAPE: Become part of a luxury escape with a warming exfoliation treatment on the back and a dry exfoliation of the rest of the body. Continue to seal your treatment with a soothing hydraluxe cream and massage. Enhance your experience in our 2 hour session by adding a paraffin wax and hot stone treatment on the feet, leaving you feeling luxurious and rejuvenated.            90 minutes- $120     120 minutes- $150

HAND & SOLE TREATMENT: Indulge yourself as your therapist takes care of the most abused parts of the body through exfoliation, reflexology, hot stone treatment and a warm paraffin wax.     30 minutes- $55     60 minutes- $85